VAT companies

Ready made VAT registered companies from UK market

List of shelf companies VAT and no VAT registered

Year of incorporationCompany nameVAT NumberRegistered officePrice
2019IT WARE ** LIMITEDVAT / EORILondon1400£
2018AP BUSINESS WAR** LTDVAT / EORI Glasgow3000£

Do i should register new company or buy ready made company?

As a new entrepreneur, you have 2 possibilities of starting a business in the UK.

  1. VAT registration from basics ( company incorporation first )
  2. Purchasing ready made company with already issued VAT GB

VAT registration from basics.

The first option is a business registration from basics starting from Companies House filings. The paperwork takes 2-3 business days. We can help you with company incorporation, supplying registered office address and accounting services. The next step is VAT registration on website. We can take care of your VAT registration in LTD company. Your responsibility is giving our company complete information about your personal and business details, especially the nature of the business, expected turnover and business partners. Timeframe for VAT registration in the UK takes from 1 to 6 months time.

Purchasing ready made VAT UK company

The process of purchasing of shelf company with already issued VAT GB number is the easiest way to start your wholesale business immediately.
Know the main advantages of buying a ready-made company with our assistance:

1) The process of purchasing shares in the company takes 1-2 business days – we conclude an agreement and change the Companies House records (the previous director resigns, the new director is appointed to the board of directors, the next step is changing company name and preparing notarization and Apostille set for the new board)

2) VAT GB number and VAT EU number is visible on VIES website – as potential buyer – you can verify validation of VAT GB number on VIES website.

3) You can get EORI number with your VAT GB number immediately in the same day

4) You have already issued UTR number for Corporation Tax purpose

5) After purchasing shares – you will be granted with access to website, where is possible to file quarterly or monthly VAT returns.

6) Set of corporate documents, including certificate of incorporation, Apostille, notarization and VAT certificate

AMAZON vs ready made company with VAT

Recently we’ve received a high volume of enquiries concerning registering Amazon account for the purpose of the UK market. We are ready to help you with Amazon issues. Our companies meet the criteria of Amazon registration. If you purchase ready-made company (LTD) with VAT number – you will be allowed with Amazon user account registration and it helps you start the wholesale or retail sale trading as soon as possible.

How I can buy ready made companies in 4 steps?

STEP 1:  Contact our staff today

Fill in the from and wait for offer from our service or call our secretarty.

STEP 3:  Pay the invoice

We will issue invoice for purchase shares .  Pay all fees in full and wait for next steps.

STEP 2:  Sign a contract

We will prepare the contract for purchase shares in private limited company.  After you accept provisions , you will sign the contract and send scaning copy by e-mail.

STEP 4:  Transfer of shares

We will processing with all Companies House & HMRC Changes ( Termination of previous director TM01,  Appointment New Director AP01,  CS01 – Confirmation of Statements and Change of Trading Adress in VAT)

VAT registered shelf companies

The main purpose of buying a shelf companies with a VAT number: if you want your own company and to start trading as soon as possible, a shelf company with a VAT number is the ideal solution. The company will already be formed and registered for VAT, meaning you can start your business immediately.

How long is the process?

The procedure of purchase shares is simple and takes from 2 to 3 work days. You don’t have to arrive to London. We will do all process remotely without your physical presence.

What’s documents we need?

You will need one piece of ID documents with photo ( f.e  passport,  identity card) and two pieces of proof of adress (f.e utility bill, water, gas, electricity bill )

When the UK LTD company should be Vat registered?

If your company has turned over £83,000 over the past 12 months, or if you’re likely to turnover £83,000 or more over the next 30 days alone, then you are obliged to register for VAT UK Company. There may be benefits for registering voluntarily, even if your company hasn’t reached the current threshold for compulsory registration. In some industries and professions, being VAT registered is the ‘norm’, and may even be required. If you make a lot of purchases, you can reclaim the VAT, even from during Added Tax is a percentage added to good and services you charge to consumers and businesses the period before you registered (subject to eligibility).

Once you’ve registered UK companies for VAT; your business is provided with a unique VAT number that other businesses need to reclaim the tax.
VAT or Value and only other businesses that are registered can reclaim from HMRC.

VAT registered shelf companies

We are selling off the shelf company with a VAT number: do you want to get your business started on the right foot? A ready-made company with a VAT number can be the perfect start to your business. We handle all of the companies registration process, creating and filing the necessary paperwork. We even register the company for VAT. You then purchase the company from us and we transfer ownership to you.

“Do you know that in order to be registered in VAT in United Kingdom – you must wait from 8 to 12 weeks? Without VAT EU number any company will not trade with your business.  Stop lose money and why not buy registered company from London, Glasgow or Edinburgh”