Estonian VAT company

We have fresh ready made Estonian VAT corporation for sale. If you need counduct business between Estonia and other EU/EEA countries, we can help you and supply Estonian shelf company.

Every company has no turnover, no civil and tax liabilities. The model company is VAT registered and has own VAT identificator with prefix EE . Before purchasing of company , you may verify the company on VIES website and obtain conifrmation from EU authorities that VAT ID number is active still and you can in every time start the EU business.

Tax rates in Estonia

  • VAT rates (standard 20% , reduced – 9% and 0%)
  • Corporation Tax ( 20% – basic rate, but if you do not distribute profits such as dividends, cost of representation – you do not pay any tax – you can feel as you pay 0% Corporation Tax)
  • VAT returns ( monthly or quarterly)
  • Accounting principles ( cash method – not accural)

Procedure of purchasing

  1. Client should present identification document relating to Anti-Money Laudering and Counter-Terrorist Procedure (AML&KYC) – we accept one piece of ID document (passport or EEA card with photo) and one piece of proof of adress ( utility bill – gas, energy, water not older than 90 days)
  2. We prepare agreement of purchase shares in Estonian OU company
  3. Client will go to the local notary in country of residence and grant our employee notharised Power of Attorney for purpose of buying shares.
  4. Client will send POA to Tallin – Estonia – our local office
  5. After we receive POA documents – we will go to the notary public in Tallin in order to execute the transfer.
  6. Changes in RIK ( local Companies House) will be avaiable within 5 business days after the transcation is ended.

We offer wide range of services for

  1. Registered office adress – billed annually, every Estonian company needs the local adress for seat purpose. If you dont want buy or let premises , you can choose the chepeast option – virtual office . Our prices start from 200 EUR / yearly
  2. Contact person – if the more than 50% directors of the company reside out of Estonia ( f.e in the UK , Germany, Poland) , the company needs contact person service. Local resident can be contact person if his company has valid goverment license issued by Financial Intelligence Unit. Our price start from 200 EUR / yearly
  3. Apostille service – We can delivery to your place of residence set of notharised corporate documents with Apostille Stamp. You can need Apostille service in case you would like open the bank account out of Estonia. We can do it for you and make sworn translations from Estonian to English . Prices start from 250 EUR
  4. Certificate of residence – official document issued by local authorities (EMTA- Estonian HMRC) . This document confirms that your Estonian OU company is tax resident in Estonia ( relating to Income Tax Act – legal person is resident if is registered in Estonia – this is very rarely execption – more EU countries have principle such as place of effective management – UK)