How to change trading address in VAT VIES?


You recently bought the company with already issued VAT GB number. Previous company directors registered a company to VAT, using the trading address. Now as new owner you need change trading address , registered office address. You changed Companies House records, but records in VIES won’t change automatically.

What do you need to do?

  1. Please open the form VAT 484 and fill in it.
  2. You are obliged to enter the business and personal details, including your company position, VRN – Vat Registration Number, new contact details ( e-mail, phone number, business phone number), new trading address. Additionally, you can change periods of VAT returns ( monthly, quarterly periods). The form needs to be signed by an authorised person – company director or Attorney.
  3. Next step is sending original application to postal delivery address to HMRC:

Postal address:

Grimsby National Registration Service, HM Revenue and Customs, Imperial House, 77 Victoria Street, Grimsby DN31 1DB.

When the records will be changed?

The timeframe of changing records consumes a lot of time. Basically, on our previous experience – the period of changing trading address and other VAT details takes 2-3 weeks from receiving an application by HMRC.

If you act as an export/import seller – you need to do all paperwork on time because you can have troubles with custom clearance – especially in the case if the company address in Companies House does not exact to VIES / EORI address – addresses are different. Please note the company needs file all previous and actual VAT returns on time to avoid potential penalties and troubles with international EU trading.