Ready made Czech Companies with VAT number

Czech Shelf Companies

We also have Czech companies for sale. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our short offer.

LTD/ s.r.o. /  Registration of LTD / shelf company / s.r.o in the Czech Republic (+ possible EU VAT number);

Registration for VAT / EU:
In order to register for VAT, prepare documents (eg contracts) confirming the performance of business activity, or documents confirming that the customer is preparing to execute it (contracts, letters of intent). The tax office in the Czech Republic is interested in the following information:

  • a detailed description of the activity (what goods / services);
  •  indication of suppliers and customers;
  • where the activity will be carried out (indicate the address of the warehouse);
  • send a scan of the bank account agreement in the Czech Republic (we can help in the premise);
  • contacts with people in the company;
  • contacts for accounting (we offer bookkeeping);
  • as well as cooperation agreements, lease agreements, business goals, already issued invoices etc .;
  • the application specifies the expected turnover for the current year as well as the expected amount of income tax.

In general, the more paperwork is made, the better the chance of a positive VAT / EU registration. We can not guarantee a positive decision (it depends solely on information provided by you and the interpretation of this information by the US). Please also note that our remuneration does not include any translations of the contracts you have delivered, as well as possible responses to the US for further requests for data.
We offer a virtual office in the Czech Republic under several addresses.


The price includes the registration address of the registered office, mailing of correspondence once a week also abroad and free use of the conference room.

The final valuation of bookkeeping services is of particular importance for the amount of accounting documents,

  • VAT invoices
  • receipts / cashier documents (not Vatowskie)
  •  number of bank accounts (number of bank transactions per bank account)
  • number of employees


Ready Made S.R.O without VAT

It’s about selling ready-made companies that have never run a business. All companies have fully paid-up share capital, are 100% clean and prepared for customers. The biggest advantage of buying a ready-made company is the ability to act on its behalf from signing sales documents.
The price for a non-registered VAT / EU company is here (the price of the company with the payment of the registered office for a minimum of 2 years in advance) and includes: company price, preparation of bilingual documents (Czech). Replacement before the court and a recent extract from the National Court Register after the company has been registered in court. In the situation of buying the company without paying the registered office for 2 years in advance, the price is 740 EUR.
Unfortunately, due to the very low margins of our services, we are not able to offer partners discounts on the price of the company, of course, it is possible to raise prices by end-customers partners.
We also offer sr.r.o. Registered in court in 2014. The price of such company is 1300 EUR with the payment of the registered office for 2 years in advance or 1400 EUR without condition of payment of the registered office for 2 years in advance. The discount for partners registered in court in 2014 for partners is 100 EUR.
Additional fees:


  • translations from English into Czech – EUR 10/1 normostron (eg certificate of the President’s criminal record, notarial notarial clauses when signing sales documents in England)
  • In the case of document certification in England, our office in London is responsible for the costs of certifying signatures with a notary (approximately EUR 50).

Czech company with VAT number on VIES

We have for sale READY COMPANY s.r.o. (Equivalent to british LTD) – VAT / EU payer
Due to the fact that such companies (not very long, with a certain accounting and legal situation) are very little on the market (sometimes we have none), the price is very high – look here.
Translations from English into Czech and the costs of certifying signatures in UK in our London office are included in the price of the company.
Unfortunately, due to the small number of such companies, we are not able to offer discount partners, but of course, the possibility of raising prices by our end-customers.

Czech s.r.o. with transport license ( > 3.5 tons )

You can purchase shelf company s.r.o. in the Czech Republic (the equivalent of british LTD company – limited liability company) with a concession for transport of over 3.5 tons
The price for a transport company not registered for VAT / EU is 2,100 EUR, including the price of the company, preparation of bilingual documents (in Czech and English), changes to the company’s authorities, court fees including substituting for transport, After the company has been registered in court.
It is required that the customer (or the person responsible for transport) provide a certificate of professional competence and a certificate of criminal record of the person responsible for transport as well as a Member of the Board.

List of avaiable companies for sale

Country of originYear of inc.VAT RegistrationRegistered officePrice (€)
Czech Republic2017No VATOstrava1000
Czech Republic2017VAT NumberOstrava6000
Czech Republic2017VAT NumberBrno8000
Czech Republic2016No VATNamestovo1500
Czech Republic2016Vat NumberBratislava6500
Czech Republic2016Vat NumberBratislava2500
Czech Republic2016Vat NumberBratislava6000
Czech Republic2015Vat NumberBratislava7000
Czech Republic2015Vat NumberStara Lubovna8000